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AccuMP® Mud Pulse Telemetry System

AccuMP<sup>®</sup> Mud Pulse Telemetry System

The AccuMP® MWD system differentiates itself from the competition by offering a variety of measurements to support single-station and multi-station analysis, including continuous inclination, real-time shock and vibration monitoring, gamma ray measurements, temperature readings and high-resolution surveys with real-time vector transmission. All measurements can be downloaded in high-resolution format for additional analysis and redundancy of data.

The AccuMP® system features

  • Robust electronics design and packaging to significantly reduce shock and vibration-related failures
  • High-resolution data storage available for post drilling analysis
  • Continuous inclination for enhanced positional awareness that eliminates check shots and results in a smoother wellbore
  • Shock and vibration that mitigate hazardous drilling conditions before problems occur
  • Smart telemetry for optimized rotating and sliding sequences for steerability and data logging
  • Collar-mount design with no wellsite assembly required
  • 24-hour monitoring from a remote center for redundancy and to ensure service quality

Efficient Design

Available in 4.75”, 6.5” and 8.0” sizes, the AccuMP® system is designed to operate in the harshest of drilling environments, including high temperatures up to 175 degrees Fahrenheit (347 degrees Celsius). 

Some MWD systems use multiple components requiring makeup in the bottom-hole assembly, adding up to two hours of assembly time and increasing HSE risk. 

Nabors’ entire AccuMP® system is mounted in compression within the drill collar, and all necessary electronics are integrated into one circuit board, thus eliminating all connectors and wiring harnesses in the tool. The circuit board and gamma module are secured in the tool with a proprietary shock and vibration-reducing material, protecting components from up to 70 percent of the tool’s shock and vibration exposure.

Diverse Application

The AccuMP® system can be run in all vertical and horizontal wells. It is designed for unmanned operations and can be deployed with or without personnel depending on your application. It is particularly suited for areas where high shock and vibration has previously caused MWD-related failure.

Using continuous inclination with the AccuMP® system, drillers can more accurately reach their target due to full stand sliding capability from continuous updates. A substantial amount of flat time can be saved along the length of the lateral by eliminating check-shot survey nonproductive time, to the point where the measurement pays for itself.

Enhance Your Operations

Nabors offers an integrated suite of performance products and services that work with the AccuMP® system to improve drilling performance, including Total Control Non-Stop Driller, a sub-based constant circulation system designed to improve drilling efficiency, operational safety, hold condition and equipment integration.

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