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SpectraView Azimuthal/Spectral Gamma Ray Tool


Nabors offers gamma logging services with the SpectraView LWD spectral/azimuthal gamma ray tool capable of covering borehole sizes from 5.875 to 9.5 inches. The tool detects, measures and records naturally occurring gamma radiation from surrounding formations during wellbore drilling. It provides high-resolution energy spectra and concentrations of potassium (K), uranium (U) and thorium (Th) components. The SpectraView tool also delivers azimuthally binned total Gamma Counts calibrated to an API standard.

The tool incorporates a novel, proprietary sourceless gain stabilization/compensation technique. In addition, the tool has an integrated dynamics/orientation package, providing vibration, shock, acceleration, RPM, magnetic toolface and instantaneous collar motion trajectory within the borehole. The tool’s compact size allows near-bit operation. It is compact, self-contained and can be deployed on any BHA offering with a standalone battery/memory operation.


  • Sourceless gain stabilization/compensation
  • API calibrated
  • User-configurable azimuthal binning
  • 80 Mbps ethernet readout protocol

About PetroMar, a Nabors Company

Nabors recently acquired PetroMar Technologies, Inc. (PetroMar), a company that offers a pipeline of innovative products strategically positioned to address the needs of unconventional oil and gas exploration. PetroMar’s innovative technology augments Nabors suite of downhole tools, with the potential to better characterize the unconventional wellbore. This allows us to deliver essential information to the customer by locating the stages to improve the design of their hydraulic fracturing program, reducing the quantity of stages per well with the same productivity.

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