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Nabors has a history of innovation, and our onshore and offshore rig designs have become the standard of the oil and gas industry. Our rigs are designed for the most technically challenging conditions, from Arctic climates to desert sands and from deepwater locations to multi-pad well sites.

We pioneered pad drilling in 1975 and constructed the first wheel-mounted rig specifically for this type of operation. We drilled the first commercial horizontal well in the Giant Prudhoe Bay field of Alaska in 1983 and introduced the offshore drilling technology that is standard in today’s Gulf of Mexico platform drilling environment. Today, technology and innovation continue to make our rigs safer and more efficient.

In recent years, as the industry shifted to multi-well pad drilling, we anticipated the longer-term needs of our customers and focused on designing rigs for the future. While operators demanded greater efficiencies and adaptability through batch drilling, we designed rigs with increased racking capacities, integrated electronic instrumentation systems, advanced walking capabilities and our unique Side-Saddle® Substructure.

Looking ahead, we will continue to anticipate market trends, deliver innovative rig designs and help our customers meet their toughest drilling challenges by designing the rigs of the future – today.


24-Hour Worldwide Support

Our rigs are supported with a global network of dedicated technicians trained in the AC/PLC systems. Satellite communications allow online troubleshooting of systems and minute-to-minute monitoring to help prevent downtime.

Our technical field support includes experts that provide onsite troubleshooting in the field, backed by dedicated maintenance superintendents in regional offices and Houston-based support teams.

Unparalleled Access to Rig Equipment

Nabors has a huge inventory of major rig components and parts. We are also one of the largest purchasers of components from oilfield supply companies, giving us access to additional component parts and tubulars that may require longer lead times for our competitors. This allows us to build and deliver new rigs more rapidly and to keep them operating efficiently and economically.

Safe & Competent Rig Crews

Our rigs are staffed with the most experienced crews in the industry. Besides hands-on working experience, all hands have a minimum of 10 days of training in all positions, including the floorhands, before they start work in the field. Training includes safety training as well as rig, positional and operator-specific training. Our advanced drilling simulators and training rigs replicate actual drilling conditions.

We keep electronic records at the well site of all employee training via Nabors’ myTraining System to ensure a safe working environment as well as compliance with government regulations. Automated reports are communicated to rig management when additional training is required.
Our investment in employee training – more than $8 million a year – is reflected in the excellence of our crews. As a result, we consistently add value and help make significant contributions to our customers’ safety and drilling efficiency targets.

We provide safety and operational training in a variety of potential scenarios that could be encountered during drilling operations. Through the use of simulators, our employees learn proper derrick techniques, use of fall protection and perform tasks at the board. They train in the operations, inspection and maintenance of top drive, floor wrench and catwalk equipment and learn operations, inspection, maintenance, rig up/down and testing procedures for BOP, choke manifold and accumulator equipment.

Nabors’ safety and risk management system identifies fatal risk controls, process and personal safety rules and procedures. We have a process to identify and control hazards and risks, and we promote ongoing safety campaigns to reinforce safety awareness.

Customized Rigs to Meet Your Toughest Drilling Challenges

One standard design doesn’t fit all drilling environments. That’s why Nabors offers rig engineering and customization to meet the toughest drilling challenges.

Nabors has a reputation for configuring innovative rig designs for unique applications. This includes providing rig conceptual designs as well as construction, mobilization, and operation of rigs for logistically complex, environmentally sensitive drilling projects. 

Based on our expertise in pad drilling in Alaska, Canada and the Rockies, Nabors has designed and installed various fit-for-purpose skids/pad systems for moving a rig from well to well on the same pad. PACE® rigs are specifically designed for installation of a lift and roll skidding system. With this system, pipe is racked back in the derrick, the BOP is attached to the substructure and the rig is skidded. The backyard remains in place and is only moved after several wells have been drilled.

A complete managed solution

No matter the scale or execution, Nabors expertise and software works for you, letting operators focus on maximizing drilling efficiency with less non-productive time and third-party service companies. One company, one solution — this is how Nabors is leading the new era of drilling.

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