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Advanced Wellbore Placement

Geosteering Services

In unconventional drilling applications, wellbore placement is crucial for overall success of the project. Better wellbore placement helps maximize production. Nabors offers the following geosteering services to enhance wellbore position:

  • Continuous Inclination Measurements 
  • Azimuthal Gamma
  • Propagation Resistivity

Continuous Inclination Measurements 

Existing downhole survey systems, such as industry standard 90' survey intervals, have proven to be far too sparse in providing an acceptable position calculation which results in improper model lithology data and incorrect placement of current and subsequent wells. 

Nabors’ continuous inclination service helps maximize production by providing highly accurate survey inclination survey data while drilling. The system utilizes state-of-the-art sensor technology combined with proprietary algorithms that result in a very precise and repeatable measurement. Continuous inclination measurement services are available with Nabors AccuMP®, AccuWave® and AccuSteer® downhole tool systems.  

Rate of penetration does not have to be sacrificed in exchange for accurate and precise wellbore placement. Surveying at a greater interval for more accurate positional calculations takes substantial time. Continuous Inclination provides the data necessary for more accurate TVD calculation without the time and costs associated with more frequent surveying.


  • Reduced non-productive time (NPT) through the elimination of check shot surveys (saves an average of 2 hours per 1,000' drilled in a lateral well section)
  • Early warning of inclination changes enables shorter slides
  • Wellbore profile improves as corrections are made early sometimes without sliding
  • Continuous survey data enhances “positional awareness” resulting in improved geosteering interpretations
  • Smoother wellbore profile improves drilling efficiency as a result of reduced tortuosity
  • Incorporating continuous inclination into survey calculations improves TVD accuracy

Azimuthal Gamma

Gamma signatures in formation bedding throughout a wellbore are often the basis for geosteering decisions. Azimuthal gamma provides a varying intensity image that can be used to interpret a definitive answer as to whether the change in gamma originated from the top or bottom of the tool, thus identifying whether a well path moved up or down the geologic structure, thereby aiding in geosteering interpretations.


  • API calibrated bulk and azimuthal measurements to maintain a standard for multi-log correlations
  • Reduces the chance of getting lost and having the need to go “exploring” while out of the target zone

Propagation Resistivity 

Nabors AccuSteer™ system provides accurate propagation resistivity readings in a broad range of environments and conditions. With three antenna spacings and three transmit frequencies, the system addresses both formation evaluation and geosteering applications. The antenna spacing and frequencies provide one of the deepest readings and the broadest ranging resistivity tools in the industry. 


  • State-of-the-art propagation resistivity 
  • 48-, 28-, 18-in. antenna spacing and 2 MHz, 400 KHz, and 152 KHz frequencies
  • 16 resistivity curves available
  • 250 hours operating life
  • 175° C operation
  • Shortest in the industry – incorporates into the AccuSteer® system for a total length of 34 ft. 

Applications & Benefits 

  • Accurate correlation enabling accurate casing point and TD selection 
  • Wireline log replacement in certain areas
  • Quick look identification of hydrocarbons in conventional reservoirs
  • Pore pressure prediction
  • Early detection of approaching bed boundaries for geosteering

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