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DrillView® 675 LWD Drilling Dynamics Tools


Nabors offers drilling monitoring services with the DrillView® 675 LWD drilling dynamics family of 6.75 in. collar-size LWD drilling dynamics tools, which log and record high-dynamics range measurements of key downhole condition parameters at very high sample rates while drilling. The DX, BX and EX models all provide high performance acquisition of wideband tri-axial vibration, shock, acceleration and orientation (gyro, magnetometer, accelerometer) from which high-resolution RPM and instantaneous collar motion trajectory within the borehole are derived. To that functionality, the BX model adds weight-on-bit (WOB), torque-on-bit (TOB) and bend-on-bit (BOB) force measurements. The EX model further adds precision monitoring of bore and annular pressures.

The DrillView® tools (including different tool models) can be deployed simultaneously, configured for at-bit and/or in-string operation to monitor conditions at various points in the BHA and the drillstring. The tools are compact, self-contained and can be deployed on any BHA offering with a standalone battery/memory operation. All DrillView® tool models are offered as bit-subs, which can also be configured for in-string operation.


  • Industry-leading sample rates up to 20 kHz
  • Bit-sub length 12.75 in. (shoulder-to-shoulder)
  • User-configurable acquisition modes, filters, and sampling rates
  • 32 GB of memory for data storage
  • Processing yields stick-slip and whirl detection
  • Provisions for condition-based data transmission based on vibration level, shock level, stick-slip, whirl or appearance of certain spectral components (when integrated with RT telemetry)
  • Novel wireless tool communication for setup at wellsite
  • High-speed data readout (80 Mbps throughput)

About PetroMar, a Nabors Company

Nabors recently acquired PetroMar Technologies, Inc. (PetroMar), a company that offers a pipeline of innovative products strategically positioned to address the needs of unconventional oil and gas exploration. PetroMar’s innovative technology augments Nabors suite of downhole tools, with the potential to better characterize the unconventional wellbore. This allows us to deliver essential information to the customer by locating the stages to improve the design of their hydraulic fracturing program, reducing the quantity of stages per well with the same productivity.

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