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Equipment Condition Monitoring Software

Rig Equipment Condition Monitoring

Nabors’ Equipment Condition Monitoring system allows equipment maintenance for top drives and engines to be remotely monitored anytime from anywhere in the world. Sensors on rig machinery gather information that determines how well the equipment is performing and when it might be due for maintenance. By identifying problems before they occur and scheduling maintenance as needed, Equipment Condition Monitoring system promotes a new level of drilling efficiency. In addition, practically any piece of equipment can be monitored with a connection to the RigWatch® platform

Knowledge at the Rig

The RigWatch® Suite can produce hundreds of data points from nearly any type of instrument and execute advanced algorithms against this data to help improve drilling efficiency, monitor rig performance and track equipment usage. 

Benefits include:

  • Real-time monitoring and remote assistance from a 24/7 worldwide support center
  • Local alarms to notify offsite personnel of problems for immediate response
  • “Intelligent” alarms that feature trend analysis in order to anticipate future breakdowns
  • Synchronized top-drive operating data and alarms to the PLC clock for further analysis
  • Remote installation of top drive ECM to reduce engine hours and overall engine maintenance costs

Rigline 24/7™ Technical Support

RigWatch® Suite is supported by Nabors’ 24/7 worldwide support center, which offers technical support and online troubleshooting to resolve many technical issues using remote diagnostics without dispatching a technician to the wellsite.

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