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RigCLOUD® Platform


As the drilling industry continues to embrace automation and advanced analytics at the rig site to increase the safety, reliability and efficiency of operations, there is a need for applications and a technical infrastructure which supports advanced technologies.   

The RigCLOUD® platform is the oil and gas industry’s next-generation cloud platform uniquely designed for developing and hosting any software, analytics programs or other applications at the rig site. Its capabilities include:

  • High-frequency data collection
  • Data integration
  • Streaming data analytics
  • Hosting of drilling applications
  • Process automation
  • Remote access
  • Remote operations
  • Open systems integration

In summary, the RigCLOUD® platform is a seamless, flexible and integrated cloud-based open platform your current and future drilling automation and analytics needs.

The RigCLOUD® platform offers service providers to easily host and deploy third-party applications without having to worry about the required capital investment to create an infrastructure to deploy and host at rig sites or to integrate with offsite systems. This seamless and tight integration of various systems and solutions enables the customer to gain optimal value from automated software controls and equipment automation, process automation or advisory automation. Additionally, the RigCLOUD® platform provides open architecture that addresses the challenges of integration with open architecture and security.  

The RigCLOUD® platform empowers drilling application developers to quickly deploy their trusted applications that are computing-resource optimized, secure and scalable without worrying about providing hardware and deploying application stacks at the rig site. The RigCLOUD® platform provides on-demand cloud computing platforms on a paid subscription basis with multi-tier pricing options available. With a simplified “pay as you consume” pricing model, RigCLOUD® platform customers can easily adjust capacity as needed.

The RigCLOUD® platform integrates seamlessly with rigs owned by various drilling contractors. In addition to drilling contractors, service companies and other application providers can host their third-party applications in the platform, making them readily accessible at any rig site.

For those specific customers who want to consolidate all their well data in one central location, regardless whose rig or electronic drilling recorder (EDR) provider they are using, they can do so by using a RigCLOUD® Adapter (RCA) to feed data from different EDR providers to the platform at the data center. As such, these customers will continue to receive the benefits of the data analysis, drilling applications and other solutions by all offsite users.

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